Trump’s ‘Most Wanted’ ISIS news given cold shoulder by media’s ‘big three,’ watchdog reports

We try to be fair with Trump. He’s just a president. But many people in the old media think that even a hint of fairness is too much. It’s sad to see really and the public is catching on.

We have plenty of beefs with the president in the areas of spending, the expansion of the military generally, and many other important areas. But he has racked up some wins and it is OK to acknowledge them when they come. Or at least mention them. But for some, even this is too much.

(From The Washington Times)

President’s Trump’s announcement this week that five of the “Most Wanted” ISIS leaders were captured by U.S. and coalition forces was greeted with a collective yawn by the “big three” news networks.

The media watchdog News Busters documented the cold shoulder on Friday that Mr. Trump was given regarding the ever-tightening noose on ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

A military operation that required months of planning between Iraqi allies and Syrian forces received 42 seconds of airtime by CBS Friday morning compared to zero coverage by ABC and NBC Thursday night.

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