United Press International Story from 1983, 1980 campaign allegedly undermined by Bush Sr. loyalists, Steph Halper (of current Spygate fame) allegedly involved

This story was linked to by The Intercept earlier this week.

It appears that Steph Halper, the “spy” who was just revealed in the Trump campaign had allegedly done similar work in the 1980 campaign, seeking to undermine and spy on President Carter’s campaign and working for George Bush Sr. who was running for president and who then became Vice President.

(From UPI July 7, 1983)

A former Ronald Reagan campaign official charged Thursday administration conservatives are trying to manipulate the Jimmy Carter papers controversy to force the ouster of White House Chief of Staff James Baker.

The charge was leveled as two junior officials of the 1980 Reagan campaign were singled out as receiving inside information from Carter’s campaign camp and one was labeled the head of a network of former CIA agents who spied on the Carter administration.

WDVM-TV reported Thursday night the Reagan campaign was not the only campaign to be offered information from inside the Carter White House.

The station quoted Ed Coyle, deputy director of John Anderson’s independent presidential campaign, as saying a former Carter campaign worker with ‘a vendetta’ against Carter approached him during the campaign and offered to provide information about Carter’s political strategy…

It said Stefan Halper, a campaign aide who handled communications for Bush and provided news updates and policy ideas to the traveling Reagan party, was in charge of the operation. Halper called the report ‘just absolutely untrue.’

‘I know of nothing that came to me from the Carter camp of any importance,’ he said. ‘If I’d seen anything marked State Department or National Security Council or White House I’m sure I’d remember it and I don’t recall anything of that nature.’

‘I never knew or talked to anyone in the Carter White House, the Carter administration or the Carter campaign throughout the course of the campaign and I never asked anybody to talk to anybody from the Carter camp or to get any information,’ he said.

Weird coincidence.