Watch Billionaire Bloomberg Explain Why Taxing the Poor Is “Good” for the Poor (They’re just too dumb to run their lives)

Bloomberg has got to spend more time on stage at these kinds of confabs than anyone. The man loves to hold court and to pontificate to the Davos crew.

Here Michael explains why it is that we should tax sugary drinks to oblivion because poor people get fat on them. His arrogance and condescension is remarkable.

Now, we aren’t saying that sugar drinks are a good idea. They are a terrible idea. If you want to get fat keep drinking 2 liters of Mountain Dew. However, how about we stop subsidizing these drinks instead of taxing them? Food stamps pay for lots of these drinks. Why not save the taxpayers some dough and reduce the footprint of the government at the same time?

No, Bloomberg wants to use the heavy hand of the state and the power to tax to keep the heard in line. You see, because you people, you poor people, you poor stupid people, you really are basically animals that take up space and resources. You can’t be trusted with Kool-aide and you surely can’t be trusted with a gun.