We explained that some in ‘Antifa’ wanted to be like Mao’s Red Guards (Basically the brutal useful idiots of the Chinese Communist Party), Now they admit it


This is a pity. The Red Guards were an example of what happens when powerful people basically brainwash young people with propaganda and then unleash them on the educated people of a country.

That’s what happened in China during the Cultural Revolution. Millions of ignorant young people (this is not an insult, the young people were legitimately IGNORANT of the realities of the world, the weren’t educated, and were used against “class enemies”) brutalized those who dared question Mao and socialism. In the end, after all the smoke had cleared from the “revolution”, 60-100 million people were dead.  Not all who died died at the hand of the Red Guards. Most died from government induced starvation and genocide. But the Red Guards did their share of killing.

That anyone in the US, a place where people KNOW what the Red Guards did, would associate themselves with such brutality is pretty sick.

On the upside, people in this country do have access, with a little effort, to the truth about the Mao cult this small group of kids wish to emulate. Anyone who still adheres to Maoism after learning what Maoism did and is actually about, well then they have to live with themselves – and such a person can’t be a happy person.

What we see below (in the attached article) is classic adolescent acting out. Angry young men who know little of capitalism or socialism really. They’re angry because it feels good. It fills a hole in their psyche. It’s “their thing”. And don’t you dare try to take away Mom’s Volvo from them. They need to be able to get to the effigies somehow.

But that doesn’t mean that such ignorance should be dismissed. It should also be noted that we have a government school system in this country that is full of teachers who are nearly as ignorant of communism/socialism as these kids are.

In fact I remember only one song from my elementary school music class, in Virginia Beach, Virginia (not exactly Berkeley), and that is “If I Had A Hammer” – a classic communist folk song if there ever was one. And that was the 80s. No wonder we have PC zealot kids flying the flag of brutal socialist oppression these days. (But in the name of liberation of course.)

(From PJ Media)

The Red Guards is a Maoist group that hopes to duplicate in the United States the anarchy and terror Chairman Mao’s Red Guards inflicted on China during the Cultural Revolution of the 1960s and 1970s. The group also identifies as “antifascist” and has cells throughout the United States.

Hundreds of thousands of leftists throughout the world mobilized for the annual “International Workers’ Day” on May 1 to advocate for various social justice causes and celebrate communism.

By the way Antifa isn’t “anti-fascist”. They advocate for an all pervasive state, just as Hitler and Mussolini did. The fight between the commies and the fascists was basically a turf war between two busybody regimes of thought. More alike than dissimilar. Both were fundamentally opposed to liberty and free enterprise, the principles embodied in the American Revolution.