Adobe Says It Can Identify Manipulated Images Using AI

(From BBC News)

The company behind the photo-editing program Photoshop says it has developed a tool that can detect if an image has been tampered with.

Vlad Morarium, an Adobe researcher, employed artificial intelligence to scan for signs of manipulation that are not usually visible to the naked eye.

The AI could tell if an element had been added, moved or cut from a photo.

But the company warned that no piece of technology could provide a foolproof verification system.

Photoshop, which was created 28 years ago, is a powerful image editor, and its name has become a verb for image manipulation.

Existing verification tools can scan an image file’s metadata – which contains information on when and where a photo was taken – for signs of mischief, and look for things like inconsistent lighting.

But such tests are easily defeated.

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