Bipartisan Bill Introduced to Make Puerto Rico the 51st State

(From UPI)

A bipartisan bill introduced in Congress on Wednesday calls to make Puerto Rico a state by 2021.

The Puerto Rico Admission Act of 2018 was introduced by Republican Rep. Jenniffer González-Colón, a nonvoting members of Congress representing Puerto Rico and co-sponsored by 36 members of Congress, including 22 Republicans and 14 Democrats.

“This is the first step to open a serious discussion to determine the ultimate political status of Puerto Rico,” González said, according to NBC News. “To sum everything up, this is about equality.”

Rep. Rob Bishop, R-Utah, a co-sponsor, said he commends González efforts on the bill.

“It continues the important conversation about the future of Puerto Rico, and I strongly support her in this endeavor.Together, we can make Puerto Rico the 51st state. Let’s make it happen,” Bishop said.

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