CNBC: The secretive Bilderberg elite are worried about the ‘post-truth’ world (But it’s not a “post-truth world,” it’s post-THEIR TRUTH)

Consider that John Brennan, “Mr. Let’s have a coup if Trump fires Mueller,” was at the last Bilderberg meeting. I wonder if he’ll attend again? If there is anyone who is “post-Truth” it’s that guy. 

One thing we see over and over with the “fake news” bit is how much the old powers that be despise that information is in the hands of everyday people now. It used to be that these powers controlled the information flow relatively easily out of New York, Washington, London, and a few other minor hubs. Now times have changed.

The Dems a few years ago floated the licensing of journalism as a back door bailout of the failing old media. Since then they (and others in addition to the US Democratic Party) have now gone after online communication itself. They have attacked in Europe first where there is no right to free speech for the most part.

Of course the spin is that “Russia” is weaponizing information. Which to some degree is probably true. But propaganda from Russia is nothing new. Heck it was being practically produced in Hollywood for many years, back in the “Uncle Joe” days. And it’s not like we aren’t doing the same thing propaganda-wise. Also these people who probably don’t spend much time in social media (If the Bilderbergers are anything like the lawmakers we saw in the Facebook hearings) don’t understand that people can sniff this stuff out. At least much of the time.

Or perhaps they do know, but they don’t care, as they have lost control of the information outlets and that is the real issue. “Russia” etc, is being used as a way to clamp down on free speech by those, like George Soros, who would prefer to go back to the days of CNN, and the three networks covering the news. The good old, highly filtered news days.

That’s what these folks are afraid of. It’s not that they fear a LACK of truth, some sort of anti-western assault on speech. It’s that they fear ACTUAL truth. It’s much harder to keep informed individuals in line or at least in a propaganda induced stupor if people can go online and find out the actual, at least much closer to objective, truth.

(From CNBC)

Some of the planet’s most powerful people will take part in the infamously secretive Bilderberg meeting that begins Thursday to discuss their most pressing concerns, including Russia, free trade and the “post-truth” world.

Political leaders and experts from industry, finance, academia and the media will take part in the annual conference, taking place this year in Turin from Thursday to Sunday.

So far, 131 participants from 23 countries have confirmed their attendance, Bilderberg’s organizers said. Some of the names on this year’s guestlist include the president of the World Economic Forum, Borge Brende, the CEOs of Airbus, DeepMind and Total, as well as Mark Carney, governor of the Bank of England and Ryanair’s Michael O’Leary. The meeting is chaired by French businessman Henri de Castries and he leads the organization’s “steering committee.”

I can remember when some people thought the Bilderberg meeting was a myth.