Crony Socialism: Yuri Maltzev (VIDEO)

Crony capitalism in many respects is a form of socialism actually. “Crony capitalism” is a nice way of saying “fascism” or “fascism-lite”. Fascism, despite the wailing of many a newly minted “socialist” is socialism. The Nazis for instance did not refer to themselves as “Nazis.” They referred to themselves, correctly, as national socialists.

Crony-whatever can’t happen without the state, the government. The state is the catalyst for cronyism. Power must be vested in the state for actors to exploit. How much more so in places that openly embrace socialism explicitly. Socialism, by its nature is crony. It is a system that is rule by crony. (Though it is sold as rule by the people of course.)There are the connected and then there are the rest. This is always the case.