Dem Fired Campaign Workers in Midst of Unionizing

I’ve been a campaign worker. The idea of unionized campaign workers is ludicrous. Campaigns change week to week, day to day, sometimes hour to hour. Money comes in and it goes out.  Half the time the candidate has little of his or her own money. Offices pop up and then they disappear. Campaign work is a full time, short term gig. It’s not like working a line at the local Ford engine plant.

People need to be hired and fired on a dime depending on the circumstances. So any candidate who invites this “union” into his or her campaign deserves what they get.

(From The Washington Free Beacon)

A Florida Democrat vying to flip a Republican seat fired staffers in the midst of a contentious union-organizing campaign.

State representative David Richardson became the first candidate in Florida to employ union workers after his staff opted to join the Campaign Workers Guild (CWG), a fledgling union aimed at organizing political professionals. Despite campaigning as a pro-union candidate, CWG supporters said they had to “fight tooth and nail” during negotiations with Richardson. The contentious organizing campaign also took a toll on paid employees.

Richardson fired several field organizers as he negotiated terms with the union over compensation and moving expenses. One former field organizer linked the lay-offs to contract disputes in an interview with the Miami Herald.

“David wanted to be able to fire anyone at will and that wasn’t acceptable to us,” Isaiah Ghafoor said after unionization was announced. “Two days after a heated bargaining session, seven field organizers were laid off and the finance manager.”

Yup, that’s the way it works folks. Here one day, gone the next. Campaigns are not a place where one should go looking for steady employment. Anyone who does deserves what THEY get.