Dem House candidate in West Virginia voted for Trump

Almost Heaven.


Anyone who’s ever been to West Virginia and is surprised by this…Wait, no one who’s been to West Virginia is surprised by this.

(From The Hill)

Ojeda’s vote for Trump in West Virginia over Hillary Clinton could also help him in his race. He won his May primary with 52 percent of the vote.

Krystal Ball, a “Rising” co-host, leads the People’s House Project, a political committee that supports Ojeda and has donated about $5,000 to his campaign in in-kind contributions and donations, according to Federal Election Commission Reports.

Ojeda argued on “Rising” that the Democratic Party needs to find its roots again if it wants to make inroads in communities like his. While West Virginia has a history of supporting moderate Democrats, the state continues to drift to the right.

By the way “Krystal Ball,” yes this is her real name, is a Northern Virginia super statist special (she once argued that the pigs in Animal Farm are “capitalists” – they aren’t, they are Stalinists) and anyone associated with her needs to be considered closely.

But this little story does reflect a shift that is happening all over the country. Funny, Trump seems to be heralding legit change, unlike Obama.