Democrats left with little power to block Trump’s supreme court nominee, Simple majority in Senate all that is needed to confirm

Of course with any rule change like this it works both ways.

Susan Collins just became the most popular person in the Senate. (Again.)

(From The Guardian)

Facing a battle over the supreme court seat vacated by Anthony Kennedy, Senate Democrats continued on Thursday to look for ways to fight. They found few options.

Recent changes to Senate rules mean that a simple majority vote is required for a supreme court nominee to advance. Democrats have 49 of 100 seats in that chamber. The absence of John McCain due to ill health means they will need to win over at least one Republican to block any nominee, while holding their caucus together. Neither task will be easy.

Donald Trump’s chosen replacement for Kennedy is likely to shift the balance of the court significantly to the right. The president has long said he will choose from a list of 25 candidates vetted by conservative groups. The list, which features federal appellate judges with sterling résumés, has raised concern among Democrats on ideological grounds…

When do nominees in Washington for anything NOT raise concern on ideological grounds?

…Lee is himself a possible nominee, named on Trump’s list. Stating a stark political fact, he added: “We have the majority and they don’t.

“That’s the biggest single distinction. That’s the one that matters. So they can wish that all they want, but they know that we’re going to confirm whoever President Trump happens to nominate.”

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