Dick Morris: Hidden Bombs In The IG Report

“Hillary’s email scandal…Was far far more massive than has been previously covered. And her coverup, her hiding of the emails, was vastly more than she has said before.”


This was a product one could really buy at “ReadyforHillary.com. No arrogance here.


Below, Dick Morris, who has become a pretty interesting independent reporter of late, explains how the Hillary email scandal is much bigger than reported.  The Justice Department Inspector General report indicated that there were 340,000 emails plus masses of text messages found on Anthony Wiener’s computer late in the campaign. It does not say exactly how many of them were emails or text messages from or to Hillary (something Morris glides over) but it appears that there were many, many more than the 60,000 emails Hillary had claimed were the total number she could find. As readers will recall, she said there were 60,000, half were personal, and the latter were destroyed by her without Justice Department or Court permission. Some of the emails Hillary destroyed were rescued by the FBI and turned out not to be personal at all.

The bottom line here is that Hillary actually had far more than the 60,000 emails she acknowledged having when the story broke. Was she hiding all those emails on Wiener’s computer? The IG Report does not say this, but why else would they have been hidden on Wiener’s computer? Wiener was of course at that time the husband of Hillary’s top aide Huma Abedin and no one thought that his computer would be searched.