Elon Musk: “I am a socialist” – (Really, more specifically, he is a crony capitalist)

Nothing says “socialism” quite like $120,000 cars.


“Crony capitalism” is a nice way of saying “corporatism”, or “fascism.” Fascism, is a form of socialism. So we’ve long understood that Elon Musk is a “socialist.”

Musk’s endeavors are highly reliant on taxpayer subsidization. Tesla is failing now, it appears, even though it still enjoys money forcibly taken from taxpayers. Of course he’s a “socialist.” He needs YOUR money and he can’t get it in the marketplace.



Musk is really an uber crony capitalist, having tapped the government (the taxpayers) for many billions. His company is still far from making a profit, and if it falls into bankruptcy, that might bring down the stock bull market. Something to watch.

We see a man staring into the abyss, even if only from the corner of his eye, who knows that he may soon need a bailout. And “bailouts” are what corporate socialism is all about.