Facebook Disagrees With Report Saying It Gave Companies Extensive Access to Users’ Data Without Consent

(From Fox News)

Facebook late Sunday responded to a news report that said the social media giant struck agreements with at least 60 phone and device manufacturers and gave them extensive access to users’ personal information.

Facebook denied any wrongdoing in a statement posted on its website in response to The New York Times story that revealed the existence of data-sharing agreements with numerous companies.

“While we agreed with many of [The New York Times] past concerns about the controls over Facebook information shared with third-party app developers, we disagree with the issues they’ve raised about these APIs,” Ime Archibong, the company’s vice president of product partnerships, wrote in a statement.

Facebook, according to The Times, signed agreements with Apple, Blackberry, Microsoft and Samsung over the last 10 years – providing them access to users’ data.

The agreements also gave device makers access to Facebook users’ friends’ data, without their approval, despite the company’s insistence that it would not share the information, the report said.

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