FEC Dem who targeted Drudge admits agency biased against Republicans

This surprises no one. Big government is there to meddle and if need be to oppress.

(From The Washington Examiner)

A former Democratic chair of the Federal Election Commission who repeatedly rejected charges she was targeting Republicans and conservative websites like the Drudge Report has admitted that the agency has an anti-GOP bias.

Ann Ravel, now a lecturer at the University of California Berkeley Law School, told an alumni magazine that the FEC has taken cases biased against the Republicans.

Q: Where do the cases that come before the FEC come from? Is there any possibility that they could be in some way biased against Republicans?

Ravel: Absolutely. The cases have come primarily from watchdog groups, and most of those groups are on the liberal side.

And what about that $84,000,000 that was laundered through the Democratic Party which went directly to Hillary Clinton’s campaign even though it was against the law?

What happened with that?