Goldman Sachs: Chances of a Democrat ‘blue wave’ in November are diminishing

We hate to agree with Goldman Sachs on almost anything. But generally, we do here.

The much hyped “blue wave” to come this November may still happen. We saw one here in Virginia last year. But the political beach has changed since last year pretty significantly.

(From CNBC)

Goldman Sachs analysis of the current prediction market concluded that November will be a closer election than earlier forecast. Enthusiasm readings indicate Democrats have lost some of their advantage.

Democrats are within reach of gaining a House majority, Goldman said in a report Monday. The prediction market-implied odds of Republicans maintaining their majority in the House is 44 percent, up from 32 percent two months ago. Odds of the GOP holding its majority in the Senate are 75 percent, up from 64 percent.

Just for the record we have been seeing a decline in the size of the “wave” since about January.