Google listed “Naziism” as the ideology of the California Republican Party

This is some nonsense. And sadly it probably wasn’t a mistake.

If anything “Naziism,” that is National Socialism, is in many respects more closely aligned with the California Democratic Party, which is full of so called “socialists” than it is with the Republican Party. The Nazis wanted cradle to grave social welfare and nationalized healthcare. That sounds more like the Dems than the Republicans to me.

(From Vice)

“It is libelous, and Wikipedia and Google should take more ownership of what is published on their sites, since both companies just said 5 million Californians support Nazism,” said Cynthia Bryant, executive director of the California Republican Party. “It is unfortunate, but is unlikely to affect the election because anyone with common sense knows we don’t support Nazism.”

“There’s nothing worse you can call someone than labeling them a Nazi,” said Eric Wilson, a longtime Republican digital consultant and founder of Learn Test Optimize. “Google owes Republicans an apology whether it was an algorithm or a human. They’re ultimately responsible.”

Google’s mislabeling also fuels Republican fears that tech platforms are biased against conservatives. Over the past several months, Republican leaders have increasingly been accusing Big Tech of censoring conservative voices.

They aren’t just being accused. We know that “conservatives” are being censored. BTW we have a large following in Twitter, and have for a long time, but we have not been “verified.” There are others with similar high profiles who are denied verification, because of what looks like a bias against their politics. Meanwhile obscure writers at small media outlets of a statist disposition seem to be instantly verified.