GOP Compromise Immigration Bill Defeated on House Floor

(From Fox News)

A sprawling, compromise GOP immigration bill that would have provided a path to citizenship for young illegal immigrants while directing $25 billion for the construction of President Trump’s border wall failed in the House on Wednesday, despite encouragement from the president for Republicans to support it.

The bill was overwhelmingly rejected 301-121, in part because some Republicans are reluctant to vote for any bill they worry could be portrayed as “amnesty.”

More than 100 Republicans voted against the legislation.

Earlier Wednesday, the president called for Republicans to pass the “strong but fair immigration bill,” saying that “passage will show that we want strong borders & security while the Dems want open borders.” . . .

But on Friday, Trump initially suggested he was giving up trying to get a bill approved before the election, saying a “red wave” is needed to pass an immigration bill in Congress.

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