Guatemala’s Mount Fuego Erupts Again, Forcing Evacuations

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(From UPI)

Guatemala’s Mount Fuego erupted for the second time in three days Tuesday, sending a fresh lava flow down the mountain and forcing fresh evacuations.

Rescue workers were forced to halt efforts, and hundreds of villagers were evacuated after Tuesday’s seismic activity. It prompted another pyroclastic flow — a mix of ash, rock and gases that can be more dangerous than lava — down the south side of the volcano.

The eruption comes as Guatemalan emergency officials revised the death toll from Sunday’s blast up to 75. They said that figure could increase possibly into the hundreds. Twenty-three bodies have been identified so far, according to Guatemala’s National Institute of Forensic Sciences.

After Sunday’s eruption, volcanologists said there would be no more emissions for the near future.

With some areas impassible in and around the volcano, some survivors have begun to bury their loved ones while others are wondering if their families made it out alive.

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