If Comey, Lynch, Brennan, Obama thought there was Russian activity going on in the Trump camp, they were obliged to tell the Trump camp to stop any crimes

But they didn’t. They chose to keep quiet even though they were obligated to address any subterfuge. Why?

Well, why do you think?

(From PJ Media)

The threat assessment stage of the FBI’s investigation in 2016 likely occurred sometime in late winter/early spring because former Attorney General Loretta Lynch testified that she met with Comey about the intelligence “matter” during this period. At this early stage, she and Comey decided not to tell the Trump campaign about possible national security threats regarding his campaign. When the topic was revisited in late spring, they again decided to say nothing.

This choice to remain silent was a deviation from established guidelines. Investigators are tasked with “detecting and interrupting criminal activities at their early stages, and preventing crimes from occurring in the first place,” which is much more preferable than “allowing criminal plots to come to fruition.”…

…There was no articulable information of the Trump collusion prong of the counterintelligence investigation in late spring/early summer. A Russian lawyer with links to the same company that hired Steele for the DNC met with Donald Trump Jr. in early June, but no information was exchanged. Where was the threat to national security?

Collusion in an election doesn’t rise to that level. The counterintelligence expert I spoke with said, in his decades as an FBI agent, he never heard of political collusion amounting to a national security threat—political corruption maybe, but not anything requiring a counterintelligence investigation that involved spying on an administration’s political opponent.

It seems the FBI head honchos knew this to be the case. They didn’t have a reason that would stand up in court to justify sending an untrained CHS to England to spy on Trump advisers. Yet, the CIA director and others up the chain of command allowed it.

No wonder Brennan has gone all in on CNN and Twitter. As we’ve said, Brennan’s one play is to PLAY AT Trump and hope for the best. Perhaps a Dem “blue wave” in November might save him.

…Investigations are supposed to prevent harm. The FBI failed (or succeeded, depending on how you want to look at it). Harm has certainly been the result—harm to the credibility of the justice system, the sanctity of our electoral process, the viability of the presidency, and the stability of the civil society. This is nothing less than scandalous.

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