If Democrats think harassing Trump officials will build a blue wave, they should think again


For real. Much of America is looking at the “resisters” in the same way they might look at a teenager who is flipping out because his/her phone has been taken away. There’s wailing and tears, and nonsensical acting out, but it’s not like the teenager is convincing anyone. Same thing with the people who are acting out right now in the Dem Party. It might feel good. You might feel righteous in your anger. But you probably are not doing yourself any favors.

The voters just may decide to keep your “cell phone” until you calm down.

(From The USA Today)

The Red Hen imbroglio was nothing compared to the squawking coming from elsewhere in the liberal barnyard. Robert De Niro set the tone at the Tony Awards when he said “It’s no longer ‘Down with Trump.’ It’s f___ Trump.” Wanda Sykes Tweeted an f-bomb at Ivanka Trump after Samantha Bee called her a “feckless c___.” Kathy Griffin called first lady Melania Trump a “feckless complicit piece of s____.” Peter Fonda went on a bizarre Twitter rant in which he suggested ripping “Barron Trump from his mother’s arms and [putting] him in a cage with pedophiles.” Canadian TV writer Pat Dussault added, “Don’t worry, we’re coming for Chloe, too,” referring to Donald Trump, Jr.’s four-year-old daughter. Some of them walked back or apologized for their comments, but not all of them…

…But there are some cooler heads. Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-Maryland, said Red Hen should have served Sarah Sanders, and blamed President Trump for creating a hostile atmosphere. The liberal Washington Post editorialized against Red Hen, arguing that if this sort of behavior becomes normalized then all sides will suffer. “How hard is it to imagine,” the editors asked, “people who strongly believe that abortion is murder deciding that judges or other officials who protect abortion rights should not be able to live peaceably with their families?” If we go down that road, Democracy dines in darkness.

Democrats should also understand that these public tantrums and other slights are simply bad politics. Voters don’t respond well to angry chanting losers harassing people, or to vulgar celebrities, or to threats verging on intimidation and violence. There is nothing inspirational about it, and it makes the targets of the anger look that much more reasonable. If Democrats think this crazed behavior will generate a “blue wave” in November, they are mistaken.

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