Lefty Politico: The left loses its cool (Mind?)

“The next people are going to come with guns. That’s what’s going to happen.”


Let’s hope not. How about everyone cool down and take a deep breath. Trump’s not Hitler. and in many ways he’s less “radical” than the past 2 presidents by a pretty good margin.


It should be noted that CNN has been featuring “1968” as a theme for a while now. A number of other very “left” outlets have done the same, including Democracy Now! 1968 was possibly the worst year this country has seen since World War II. But you know “resistance” or some nonsense.

The Dems are increasingly desperate and that is why they are trying to ramp things up now. They want to motivate their base as polls show support flagging. They are afraid that Trump could consolidate after the midterms. After that, if the Dems lose, which is about 50/50 in our estimation, God help us. Seriously. People are desperate now. If these people lose the midterms, they are going to act out. And the thing is they really do believe they are on the “right side” of things. These folks have been convinced that they have the high road. Think about that.

(From Politico)

And Florida state Sen. Dana Young said she filed a police report after four unknown protestors staked out a Thursday evening meeting she had with a professional group at an area restaurant and, as she left, they began yelling at her about the Feb. 14 Parkland massacre, saying she had “blood on her hands” and calling her a “killer” or a “murderer.” She said they shoved smartphone cameras in her face and initially blocked her from leaving.

“It’s very concerning and very sad,” Young told POLITICO. “It seems that when these groups realize they can’t win an argument in a civil discussion of the issues, they believe it is perfectly acceptable to turn to bullying.”

These people are being told over and over that Trump’s positions are “radical,” beyond the Pale. Relative to Obama, Mr. Obamacare, and Bush 2, Mr. Patriot Act let’s completely violate the spirit of the Constitution and start wars in the Middle East, Trump is actually pretty tame. But some people see Trump as a rejection of Obama’s “America” and they just can’t stand that. They seethe.

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