Lindsey Graham just can’t stop neoconning. Still wants to be able to throw US citizens in dungeons without a lawyer: Paul-Graham standoff threatens to derail Senate defense bill amendments

Let this sink in – Lindsey Graham thinks it’s perfectly OK to indefinitely detain US citizens. He’s OK with this. He thinks this is something we should be able do in this country. Because he’s worried about, what? “Terrorism?”

How South Carolina sent Graham back I don’t know. All those military retirees in Myrtle Beach need to wake up and realize that this guy is and has been consistently bad news for the rule of law, and for our military. (Lots of people died and were maimed in unnecessary wars Senator Graham championed.)

Again, Graham thinks it’s OK, in the United States of America to throw US CITIZENS accused of terrorism into a dungeon forever without an attorney. That’s nuts.

This simply should not be in this country. Graham should be ashamed. We are sure he isn’t.

(From the Washington Examiner)

The pressure surrounding Paul’s indefinite detention legislation was ramped up after the Senate defeated a motion by Inhofe to table an amendment sponsored by Sen. Mike Lee that prohibits the practice.

“A few minutes ago on the Senate floor, 68 senators voted to give a vote on the Senate floor on whether or not anybody accused or captured and accused of crime would get a trial by jury,” Paul said. “This is not about me. This is about one senator from South Carolina who so much objects to the Bill of Rights that he doesn’t want it to apply to people accused of a crime.”

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