Manafort ordered to jail, bail revoked on witness tampering charge

Well, he’s had his bail revoked. I don’t think many are surprised by this.

Of course this is also an effort to steal some of the thunder from yesterday’s IG report which though not as damning as it could have been, further exposed shadiness in the “Russia investigation.”

(From Fox News)

According to documents filed in federal court, Manafort reached out to would-be witnesses in February after his superseding indictment was unsealed. Manafort allegedly tried to make at least three phone calls and send at least two encrypted text messages to a potential witness “in an effort to secure materially false testimony…” the special counsel claimed.

The court documents said that the person was trying to avoid contact with Manafort and “understood Manafort’s outreach to be an effort to ‘suborn perjury.’”

The special counsel said Manafort’s actions violate federal law, and therefore violate the terms of his pretrial release. Manafort’s past charges remain.

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