Marco Rubio Admits ‘I Was Wrong’ About Occupational Licensing. Now, He’s Pushing Reforms.

Occupational licensing shuts so many people out of the economy. No one should have to pay thousands of dollars so that they can braid hair professionally, or shine shoes, or really almost anything aside from perhaps brain surgery. Such licenses are just a way of limiting competition for established players. Get the roadblocks out of the way and let this part of the economy breathe again.

And I was not aware that apparently some states have revoked occupational licenses of people who have defaulted on student loans? How incredibly stupid is that? These people are struggling financially but let’s take away their means of a living.

Seriously government is so often just dumb.

(From Reason)

Just as refreshing is the bipartisan effort to fix a particularly galling aspect of America’s occupational licensing problem. Rubio is teaming up with Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) on a bill that would prohibit states from suspending professional and occupational licenses if a license-holder defaults on their student loan payments. Warren, in a statement, called those rules “wrong and counterproductive.”

“It makes no sense to revoke a professional license from someone who is trying to pay their student loans,” says Rubio. “Our bill would fix this ‘catch-22’ and ensure that borrowers are able to continue working to pay off their loans.”

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