Margaret Thatcher: The FAILURE of Socialism – VIDEO

Ms. Thatcher was not perfect. No person is and certainly no politician is. But she did bring Britain, to a very large degree out of the dark ages.

As a small child I lived in in late 1970s Britain. My father was a US naval officer stationed there. British officers, officers, even then often didn’t have much in the way of meat. They didn’t lack choice cuts. They were’t want for filet minion. They were often want for meat. That was 1970s Britain.

I remember, barely, my parents talking of the union strikes and the “brown outs” at the power plants where the power workers would INTENTIONALLY turn off the electricity in protest.

In the years after World War II, socialism, real, hardcore, state owns means of production socialism, swept into the UK and it failed in a miserable disgusting mess. Britain which had once shined, which was once a “nation of shopkeepers” (I’ve always loved this characterization), was relegated to a damp and dreary shadow of its former self. The whole place had the smell of mold and economic stagnation.

Then, finally, a ray of light with Thatcher.

Again, she was not perfect. But she understood, generally speaking why liberty and free markets are so powerful. They are a positive direction for humanity. They offer hope and opportunity. Liberty is optimistic. It is vibrant. Socialism is grey and gloomy like a February day outside of a Welsh mine.