Michigan Governor Signs Medicaid Work Requirements into Law

(From The Washington Examiner)

Republican Gov. Rick Snyder of Michigan has signed a bill into law that would require certain Medicaid beneficiaries to work or train for work as a condition for staying enrolled in the program.

The bill requires recipients to clock in at least 80 hours a month at a job, training or volunteer work, or otherwise be dropped from coverage. The measure still isn’t final but must go through public comment periods and be approved by federal officials at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

Democrats in the legislature were nearly uniform in opposing the bill.

Beneficiaries are exempt from the program if they are in treatment for addiction, are disabled, pregnant, caregivers, children, over the age of 63, or people deemed medically frail. Participants have to log their hours every month, a process that critics say will be burdensome and cause people to needlessly lose coverage.

But Republicans say that the program offers people an opportunity to leave Medicaid, known as Healthy Michigan in the state, for other types of medical coverage, such as private health insurance.

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