Nancy Pelosi says socialism is not ascendant in Democratic Party


Right. In many respects the Democratic Party has become the Socialist Party of the United States. I thought everyone, Democrats, Republicans, everyone else understood that already. It is also concurrently a corporatist party which makes it an interesting political beast. (Not that many Dems will admit how deeply crony the party is. Not that the GOP is clean or anything.)

I love that apparently Ms. Pelosi doesn’t think she’s a socialist. (At least she would never say so in public – I guess.) She soooo wants that gavel back.

(From CBS)

Pelosi, however, pushed back on that notion. When asked by CBS News’ Nancy Cordes if democratic socialism is “ascendant” in the Democratic Party, Pelosi responded with a firm “no.”

“No. They’re not,” Pelosi said. “It’s ascendant in that district perhaps! But I don’t accept any characterization of our party presented by the Republicans. So let me reject that right now.”

OK. Reject it. But why? Don’t deny what you are. Sure Dems might like Manolo pumps, but so did Ms. Gorbechev. They come in red so don’t worry comrade.

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