Neo-puritains are trying to shut down Nevada’s brothel businesses

Now, brothels aren’t my thing. But brothels and the West go hand in hand. Nevada and brothels certainly do. But now the neo-puritains have moved into Nevada and want to restrict the market, and human freedoms because, well, because they don’t like what goes on in brothels.

(From The Wall Street Journal)

A coalition of women’s advocacy groups in Nevada has undertaken referendum initiatives against legal prostitution in Lyon and Nye counties, opposite corners of the state that are home to about half of the state’s brothels.

Lyon County commissioners voted on June 7 to place a nonbinding question on the November ballot on whether to ban prostitution at legal brothels and agreed to abide by whatever the public decides—effectively pre-empting the referendum initiative there.

Seriously, who cares if people pay for consensual sex? What business is it of government?

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