NIH shuts down controversial alcohol study due to credibility concerns. Wanted booze companies to fund study?


Beer is one of God’s great blessings. It has its place. I imagine that in moderation it could be generally pretty good for you. But it ain’t broccoli.

This is part of how the crony regulatory system works folks. The regulatory agencies give an official blessing to industry as industry winks and nods back at the regulators. It’s the crony waltz (maybe it’s a tango) and it is a dance that goes on and on.

(From The Hill)

The NIH launched an investigation into the study following a New York Times story that revealed officials had vigorously campaigned the alcohol industry to fund the study while suggesting that the results would endorse moderate drinking as healthy.

The NIH on Friday said a preliminary internal report shows “employees violated NIH policies in soliciting gift funding and circumvented standard operating procedures designed to ensure a fair competition for NIH funding.”

“NIH will take appropriate personnel actions, but cannot comment on specific personnel matters,” the NIH said.

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