Orangutan fights for his home against bulldozer and loggers (VIDEO)

This is a heartbreaking video. I know that if my house was a tree and a bunch of guys came to bulldoze it I’d do the same thing.

This brings up an important point in the discussion of the “3rd World” and property rights.

In the USA and in most developed nations property rights are pretty clearly defined. Someone owns the property and the trees and whatever on it. OK. But in many parts of the developing world this is not so. Property rights are often purposefully ambiguous so that an area can be clear cut or mined with little concern for the native population of humans. Such arrangements also often enrich the local political cronies. Indigenous people in the Amazon are subject to this all the time. Or at least they were. (They probably still are.)

Now we are not saying that orangutans have property rights. But we are saying that logging in the developing world is not as clear cut (sorry) as we often think.

By the way the word “orangutan” means “man of the woods.” And this “man of the woods” is acting like every “man of the woods” I’ve known in the USA would (and I’ve known a few) if sometime came to plow under their homestead.