Pennsylvania’s Governor Calls for Abolishing 13 Occupational Licenses

Excellent. We need much more of this. Occupational licenses in most cases are just barriers to entry created to keep competitors at bay. If one wants to sell lemonade, cut hair, shine shoes, or cut lawns one shouldn’t need permission from the government to do so. Such licenses often keep poor people who want to hustle and start a business, poor.

And this proposal comes from a Democrat governor. That is progress.

(From Reason)

Being a barber, an auctioneer, or even a “campground membership salesperson” in Pennsylvania requires a state-issued license.

That should change, says Gov. Tom Wolf.

Wolf, a Democrat, called Thursday for the state legislature to abolish 13 occupational and professional licenses, following the completion of a year-long review of Pennsylvania’s licensing laws. In place of some of those licenses, the Wolf administration says workers could be required to register with state boards. For others, such as hair-braiders, the administration has recommended eliminating the state’s role entirely.

“Requiring a government license to work in certain jobs helps to keep all of us safe, but those requirements should be fair,” said Wolf in a statement.

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