Puerto Rico “Nasty Woman” Mayor Under FBI Investigation For Corruption

Another shocker. The mayor of the largest city in Puerto Rico, an island of tropical disposition and prone to the indulgences of American machine politics has been accused of corruption.

(From Zerohedge)

The FBI reportedly launched the probe following a Feb 21 lawsuit filed by the former director of procurement, Yadhira Molina, who alleges that officials punished him for reporting “alleged irregular acts” by the procurement division of Mayor Cruz’s administration which occured in 2015 – which may explain supply shortages during Hurricane Maria in 2017 which Mayor Cruz blamed on President Trump, and others have pointed to a union strike.

According to the suit, a supply company incorporated shortly after Cruz became mayor was awarded “preferred supplier” status, which paid them 3x more than “regular suppliers,” and that city officials engaged in a corrupt scheme to steer business their way.

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