Republicans Poised to Gain Senate Seats in 2018

“Add it all up, and the Democrats need to pull an inside straight to avoid losing seats in the Senate this November.”



This is bad news for anyone who has Trump removal hopes. If the Dems take the House, which is looking at best 50/50 at this point, they will move to impeach Trump for anything they can think of. That’s what the mid-terms are about. The Dems want to get halfway (or almost halfway) even with Trump. But even if they do impeach they won’t be able to remove Trump without 2/3 of the Senate.

(From Real Clear Politics)

Last December, Democrat Doug Jones won a Senate race in Alabama by defeating a horribly flawed Republican candidate Roy Moore. For the first time, it appeared that the Democrats had a plausible path to winning control of the U.S. Senate in 2018. The Republican advantage was trimmed to a 51-49 margin and a net change of two seats would make New York Senator Chuck Schumer the new Senate Majority leader.

To win the Senate, all the Democrats had to do was win GOP seats in Arizona and Nevada and successfully defend all of their incumbents. At the time, the Democrats had a double-digit lead on the Generic Congressional Ballot and being opposed to President Trump seemed to be all that was needed. It looked like the Democrats were poised to ride a blue wave back to power.

My, how times have changed!

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