Sarah Greenwalt, Longtime Aide to EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, Resigns

(From CBS News)

EPA lawyer Sarah Greenwalt, an aide to EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt since he served as Oklahoma’s attorney general, has resigned her position, CBS News has confirmed. Greenwalt’s resignation comes as another top Pruitt aide, Millan Hupp, also is due to leave her post at the Environmental Protection Agency on Friday. Both Greenwalt and Hupp came under scrutiny after getting significant pay raises without White House approval.

The Atlantic reported in April that Pruitt went to the White House in March with a request for raises for Greenwalt and Hupp. The White House, the Atlantic reported, declined to approve the raises for the political appointees — but Pruitt’s office reportedly found a way to make the raises possible anyways.

Pruitt was later pressed on the raises while delivering testimony before the House Energy and Environment Subcommittee in late April.

Pruitt told lawmakers he actually delegated authority to EPA chief of staff Ryan Jackson to give the raises but didn’t know the exact amounts and wasn’t aware of the process. During the hearing, Pruitt said he was unaware of the “amount” of the raises. But in a Fox News interview on April 4, Pruitt insisted he didn’t approve the raises and didn’t know who did.

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