Student Praising Communism ERUPTS Over Anti-Socialist Booth On Campus (VIDEO)

Top 3 killers, all socialists.


Looks like we’ve got a theme for today.

This is what we mean (at least your humble editor does) when we say that much of the really nut bar anti-speech, pro-socialism, anti-liberty, safe space stuff out there on campus is underpinned to some degree by mental instability. I used to dismiss this, but with time it seems to me a more legitimate question.

This young woman REALLY thinks that Cuba has its act together. Where is such nonsense coming from? Surely much of it is deliberate miseducation, but there seems to be more to it. (And we are not talking only about this young woman. We are speaking in general terms.)

Warning: The F word is used about 20 times in this video.