Supreme Court Strikes Down California Law Requiring Pro-Life Providers To Push Abortion

Shapiro is correct. This decision was good but should not have been so close. This was an easy one. The state shouldn’t be able to compel people who are anti-abortion to perpetuate the practice. Yet 4 justices thought this was OK for the state to do just that.

(From The Daily Wire)

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court held in a 5-4 decision that the state of California could not compel pro-life pregnancy centers to inform prospective patients about the availability of taxpayer-funded abortions. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals had upheld the law by stating that it only regulated “professional speech” — but as the Supreme Court noted, there is no Constitutional category of “professional speech” as distinguished from other speech. “Speech is not unprotected merely because it is uttered by ‘professionals,’” the Court held. Only speech restrictions that are non-content based — that is, that concern “factual, noncontroversial information” — are allowable under the First Amendment.

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