Sweeping Trump proposal seeks to shrink government, merge agencies *UPDATE ON DIETARY SUPPLEMENTS

*UPDATE 6-27-2018
We have just learned that under the proposed federal reorganization, food regulation would go to the Department of Agriculture, but supplements would stay with drugs in a new Federal Drug Agency. This is crazy. First of all, supplements are classified as food, not drugs, under the law, because they are food. Second, drug companies already pay most of the bills at the FDA and, as a result, largely control the agency. For years, they have been working through the FDA either to eliminate supplements (which they regard as cheap competition) or at least jack up their prices. If the drug companies succeed at this crony maneuver, to stick supplements into a new Federal Drug Agency, expect your bottle of vitamin C to cost $100 and more sophisticated supplements to disappear entirely.



(From Politico)

The Trump administration issued an ambitious proposal Thursday to shrink government and reorganize how services are delivered to citizens, a plan that touches on nearly every corner of American life, from pizza to postal delivery.

The proposal would merge the departments of Education and Labor into a new Department of Education and the Workforce. Safety net services and food aid would be consolidated into the newly named Department of Health and Public Welfare, and rural housing assistance, now at the Department of Agriculture, would shift to the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

But does it shrink government? Perhaps.

Food safety programs, now overseen by the Department of Agriculture and Food and Drug Administration, would be consolidated into a new Federal Food Safety Agency.

This alone could make a huge difference for healthcare by removing food regulation from the drug regulators who tend to be controlled by Pharma.

The proposal is the result of a yearlong effort by Mick Mulvaney, a small-government crusader who leads the White House Office of Management and Budget. He called the plan the biggest reorganization of government since President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Depression-era New Deal.

“It’s been almost 100 years since anybody really reorganized the government at this type of scale. It’s been since FDR and his New Deal, where he changed the way the government worked,” Mulvaney said during a Cabinet meeting at the White House. “We haven’t changed it very much since then, which means we’re almost 20 percent into the 21st century, but we’re still dealing a government that is from the early 20th century.”

And here Mulvaney hits it right on the head. We are still stuck with the antiquated, bloated, overly centralized and highly inefficient, and it must be said FASCIST INFLUENCED, government structure of the New Deal. The sooner we close the book on that chapter of American history the better.

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