The American left is using children as political weapons

I am sorry to say it “liberal” friends but the public relations people in the Democratic Party have “gone low.” Very very low.  But we sense that the American people are about fed up. The political class is using CHILDREN to further its agenda. Not that this is new of course, but more people should be aware of what is really going on.

(From The Spectator)

What does the American left do when a year of hyperbole about Russian subversion and full-blown fascism in the White House fails to make the nation repent for electing Donald Trump? After eighteen unrelenting months of Red Scare and Brown Scare, President Trump’s approval numbers were higher than ever. What do the people who hate this president have left to try?

The answer is a children’s crusade. Since February, progressives have hit upon the idea of using children as political weapons. Is gun-control a dead-end issue in a nation where forty-one per cent of adults either own a firearm or live with someone who does? Then shift the discussion away from adults: focus on school shootings—even though those, like other gun crimes, are declining—and have students like David Hogg do the fighting for you. Only a bully would rhetorically beat up a kid, so no counter-thrust is possible. It’s a PR masterstroke. You love guns, but don’t you love kids more? 

I’ve personally seen this. I once took that little whiner David Hogg to task and someone said I was being too hard on the “kid”. Please.

Most Americans, including substantial numbers of the minorities for whom progressives claim to speak, want illegal immigration curbed. But what if the illegal immigrants are children? Focus on them, and you might short-circuit the public’s critical faculties. You might just provoke enough blind outrage that no one thinks to ask why children are being brought along in illegal and dangerous border crossings to begin with.

And why are they? Because thanks to a 2016 court ruling that modified the 1997 “Flores” consent decree, children cannot be held in federal immigration detention facilities for more than 20 days. If illegal immigrants arrive with children—not even their own children, necessarily—immigration officials have a choice of either releasing the adults and children without prosecution (which can take more than 20 days, especially when asylum claims are involved) or holding the children separately while the adults are prosecuted. The Obama administration chose “catch and release.” The Trump administration, which was elected on campaign vows to enforce the law, has chosen prosecution and separation. Critics of the Trump administration’s approach claim they simply want to keep families together. They downplay the wider reality, which is that they are calling for not prosecuting adult immigrants who use children as tickets to enter the country—as human “get out of jail free” cards. 

The incentive is perverse but obvious: to lower your chance of being prosecuted, take somebody’s child with you when you attempt to enter the country illegally.

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