Theresa May greets Prince William with awkwardly low curtsy during visit to new rehab centre

Speaking of photos…

Makes one happy to come from a colonist political lineage. Yikes.

Consider that the elected head of one of the world’s great states feels obligated to defer to someone who was merely BORN to the right parents.

In the words of my (former) politician friend who shared this photo, #nononojustno.

(From The Independent)

Theresa May greeted Prince William with a rather strange curtsy at an event in Nottinghamshire.

The prime minister performed the unusually low dip as she shook the Duke of Cambridge’s hand to welcome him during a visit to the newly-built Defence and National Rehabilitation Centre on Thursday.

A Royal family spokesperson said while the general courtesy was to “curtsy or bow” before a member of the Royal family, particularly the Queen, this was completely down to “personal choice” and was not expected.