Trump Has Cut Federal Payroll by 24,000 Jobs

Good. This is an excellent start. But cuts need to be prolonged and they need to be much deeper.

We have suggested that every department cut a minimum of 1% of it’s budget and staff every year for the next 10 years using this year’s numbers. But maybe we should be more aggressive than that.

As we’ve also said, buy out the old guys hanging around for their pension and then get the workforce lean. Like really lean. This was once a pipe dream but there is at least a ray of hope for taxpayers these days.

(From CNS News)

The federal government cut 3,000 jobs in May and federal employment has now dropped by 24,000 since President Donald Trump took office, according to data released today by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Even as federal government jobs were declining, overall employment was increasing—as was employment in state and local government.

In April, there were 2,789,000 people employed in civilian federal government jobs. In May, that declined to 2,786,000, a drop of 3,000.

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