Trump Reverses Obama-Era Offshore Rules

(From UPI)

Executive action from the U.S. president eases offshore energy planning burdens, an industry group said, though critics said it was a war on oceans.

President Donald Trump signed an executive order Tuesday that supports access to marine data and encourages interaction among stakeholders in ocean, coastal, and Great Lakes waters of the United States. The action erased executive action from former President Barack Obama to ensure U.S. waters are sustainable, protected and resilient to climate change.

Trump has been a vocal supporter of expanding access for oil and gas drillers in U.S. territorial waters and keen to erase his predecessor’s legacy. Randall Luthi, the president of the National Ocean Industries Association, said the executive action from the Trump administration is supportive of the offshore energy industry.

“The executive order reverses the misguided course of the 2010 National Ocean Policy,” he said in a statement. “This renewed broad vision will hopefully encourage productive partnerships, recognizing a wide variety of ocean uses, all leading to increased economic, environmental and energy security for America through job creation, economic activity, and energy development.”

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