Uber allowed to operate in London again after judge overturns ban

Excellent. Looks like we liberty oriented people got a couple of wins out of London today.

Anti-Uber laws are some of the most blatantly crony schemes around and they exist in some of the world’s greatest cities. Why? Because cabbies, their unions, and the owners of the cabs who often enjoy a monopoly on livery fear the competition Uber, Lyft, etc bring to the marketplace. And one can understand their concern. However times change and industries get blown up. It can hurt. But it happens and should happen. In fact for a healthy economy to remain a healthy economy such blowups NEED to happen.

(From CNBC)

Uber can continue operating in London after a judge overturned a ban in the U.K. capital on Tuesday.

Uber was granted a 15-month license, with some broad conditions. The ride-hailing firm will have to provide regulators with the results of an independent review into procedure and safety every six months. It will also have to update UK regulators about any relevant changes to company policy or governance.

The regulatory agency Transport for London (TFL) accused Uber last year of showing a “lack of corporate responsibility” in relation to “public safety and security,” and failed to renew a license that would allow the U.S. ride-hailing service to operate in London. Uber had been allowed to continue its business in London while it appealed last October’s ban.

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