US and Canada Are Most Inclusive to Immigrant Citizens, Global Study Finds

(From The Guardian)

Amid the travel ban, the inhumane treatment of children at the Mexican border and ever-more divisive rhetoric around immigration from the White House, a survey has found that the United States and Canada are the two most tolerant and inclusive countries when it comes to who the population see as one of their own – that is “a real American” or “a real Canadian”.

The polling company Ipsos surveyed 20,000 people across 27 countries, looking at questions of religion, immigration status, the origin country of someone’s parents, as well as sexuality, criminal background and extreme political views. It found that Canadians had the broadest acceptance of who was a “real Canadian”, and that the US was close behind in second place. It suggests most Americans are at odds with the nativist position of the current administration.

The survey asked people in each country whether someone with a certain characteristic could be seen as a “real” national of that country. So, for example, people in Australia were asked whether someone who is LGBT is a real Australian, or people in Argentina were asked whether someone with immigrant parents is a real Argentinian.

The results were then compiled into a inclusiveness index – which aggregated different responses. After the two North American countries, South Africa, France, Australia and Chile were rated most inclusive. At the bottom of the list were Serbia, Malaysia and Saudi Arabia.

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