US Government Says Any Day Now for Cybersecurity Attack of Airliner

(From The Daily Caller)

The U.S. government thinks a cybersecurity attack on an airline is imminent, according to documents acquired by Motherboard and published Wednesday.

The researchers for government agencies like the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) created presentations and risk analyses that explored and detailed potential vulnerabilities in the systems of commercial airplanes. They discovered, according to Motherboard, that a majority of such aircraft are not equipped with ample or proper cybersecurity safeguards. Their findings come after experts at DHS hacked into the electronic equipment of a commercial airplane as part of a September 2016 experiment, which was subsequently publicized more than a year later.

Probability wasn’t the only factor they studied; the ramifications and the degree of peril was also considered.

“Potential of catastrophic disaster is inherently greater in an airborne vehicle,” reads a portion of a presentation from Pacific Northwest National Laboratory of the Department of Energy, reported Motherboard. “A matter of time before a cyber security breach on an airline occurs.”

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