Gorsuch, a positive in a time of chaos

Gorsuch was a massive win for the Constitution and the rule of law in this country. Had Hillary taken the White House the 1st, 2nd, 4th, and the 10th Amendments would have been under greater threat. The Constitution generally, would have been under greater threat. It is no secret that many statists/progressives abhor the limits the Constitution places on the government. Indeed for 100 years such people have sought to erode the power of the Constitution under the guise that the Constitution is a “living document.”

In one sense it is a living document in that the Constitution can be amended. But this is not what many statist/progressives think of when they speak of a “living document.” What they mean is that the Constitution should be squishy and that it doesn’t mean what it says. And so what? It’s old anyway and the Founders didn’t anticipate this or that, blah blah blah.

Gorsuch’s appointment beat this very dangerous constitutional philosophy back significantly. Let’s hope that President Trump is wise in his next pick so that the we can move a bit further toward the what many of would consider a restoration of the Constitution. But as we always say, Trump is a mixed bag. So who knows?

(From The Federalist)

For some, myself included, the prospects of a court run by people who ignore the Constitution competed with my distaste for Donald Trump in 2016. The question was, “What’s scarier, a Trump presidency or a progressive Supreme Court?” I imagine the answer is becoming a bit clearer for many conservatives.

In three cases this term — the rulings that stopped the Colorado’s Civil Rights Commission from destroying Jack Phillips’ business over a thought crime, California’s attempt to force people to support abortion, and public-sector unions from continuing their long-standing policy of forcing workers to fund their political activities — the court has handed the Constitution clear wins.

I mean, has there been a bigger win for small-government, real-life conservatives over the past few decades than the Janus v. AFSCME ruling? The decision not only fortifies the First Amendment by explicitly finding compelled speech unconstitutional, but also calls out the Left’s authoritarian political machinery, which has been holding many American communities, school systems, and workers hostage for decades.

“It is hard to estimate how many billions of dollars have been taken from nonmembers and transferred to public-sector unions in violation of the First Amendment,” Justice Samuel Alito wrote in the majority. “Those unconstitutional exactions cannot be allowed to continue indefinitely.”

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