When It Comes to Tipping, Millennials Are Cheapest

In my house growing up things were clear. If one couldn’t afford to tip, one couldn’t afford to eat out. This is something more young people need to understand apparently.

Take care of the people who take care of you.

(From MSN)

U.S. millennials are quick to whip out their wallets for pricey avocado toast and craft beer. But when it comes to rewarding the waiters and bartenders who serve them, those wallets often stay closed.

Ten percent of millennials don’t tip at all when dining out compared with only three percent among the older generations, according to a study released Monday by CreditCards.com, an online credit card marketplace.

Don’t tip at all”? What kind of classless person has someone serve them and then doesn’t compensate the server?

Why are these American youth, many of whom work in tip-reliant industries, so cheap? The answer may be economic. “Millennials’ financial struggles are a big reason they tip less,” Schulz said.

But other data point to a more cynical explanation. Millennials do tend to spend more of their disposable income eating out, according to 2017 data from Merrill Lynch. After all, that tip can pay for dessert.

If you eat desert and you don’t tip you really need to think about how you are living your life. Seriously that’s just pathetic, and insulting.