Why Amazon is the winner of the Supreme Court sales tax ruling


See how this works? The big guys like regulation because it shuts the little guys out. Then the big guys lobby some more and get new regulations. And then they name prominent “retired” politicians to their boards to make sure the lobbyists have a nice steady flow of policy prospects.

Big business LOVES big government. Still, many people don’t get this.

(From CNBC)

“Amazon should be helped because it is collecting sales tax in every state, while it is the Wayfairs of the world who are directly hurt,” John Swain, a law professor at the University of Arizona, told CNBC.

Thursday’s Supreme Court decision overturned a ruling from 1992 that allowed online retailers to skirt sales tax collection responsibilities in states where they don’t have a physical presence. Since Amazon already collects sales tax in every state on the products it sells directly, which account for roughly half of all units sold on its site, the court ruling should have less impact on how much it charges for its products.

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