Absolutely FANTASTIC analysis of the current Russia/US situation from someone who “worked Russian affairs for several decades, under multiple administrations”

“In contrast to his predecessors since taking office, Trump’s policy vis-a-vis Russia has been the toughest and most aggressive since Kennedy. He has upped our responses to Russia’s military provocations. He has hit Russia with harder sanctions than any of his predecessors. He has sanctioned more Russian individuals. He lambasted Russia over the failure of the Obama-Putin CW deal, rather than pretend it succeeded like Obama. He’s bombed Syria, Russia’s main client. He even destroyed a battalion of the Kremlin’s mercenaries – something NO US president has done since Wilson sent the Polar Bear regiment to fight the Reds a century ago. He has armed Ukraine – something the Ukrainians had begged Obama to do.”



More of this sort of analysis needs to make its way to the fore. Certain powerful people are trying to paint Trump as Russia’s ally for largely domestic political reasons. As we see below that makes no sense. This is a Facebook post from a Facebook friend.