After Defeating Government’s Crazy Requirements for Who Can Thread Eyebrows, Immigrant Poised to Achieve American Dream

Who knew eyebrow threading was even a thing? (As the kids say.)

Occupational licensing is out of control in this country, but there is a spirit of reform in the air. We, and the economy, need more than just reform here and there however. Occupational licensing is a tool by which vested interests insulate themselves from competition, which results in lower quality services and unemployment. It is also a tool used by governments to just badger people.

(From The Daily Signal)

Jagtiani opened the Threading Studio & Spa in 2012 and, as the name conveys, offered threading: a traditional Eastern hair removal technique that is in high demand in the United States.

Since 2010, the Louisiana Board of Cosmetology has required anyone who performs threading to get a state esthetician’s license. That demands hundreds of hours of instruction, three exams, and thousands of dollars. It does not teach threading.

Jagtiani’s licensed colleagues could not thread because they hadn’t learned how. To keep her threading business going,  Jagtiani employed unlicensed threaders.

As a result, the board fined her and ordered her to fire the unlicensed employees.

Predictably, her business suffered.

Surely, the fired workers suffered.

With the help of the Institute for Justice, a nonprofit law firm, Jagtiani sued the board, claiming that the licensing requirement violated the state’s constitutional protections of equal protection and due process.

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